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We are Neighbors

How do we generate greater cooperation between neighbors to increase trust and security in difficult neighborhoods?

We are looking for proposals that look to encourage cooperative solutions among neighbors, looking to answer common issues that affect their day-to-day relations, in order to collaborate towards improving their perceptions of security in the neighborhood.

The Neighborhood lives on

How can we improve public infrastructure so that communities better identify themselves with their neighborhoods?

We want to find solutions focused on recognizing distinctive aspects of each neighborhood, in order to provide a common identity to the public infrastructure that the communities use on a daily basis in their neighborhoods.


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In 2016, there were




than in 2014

This figure is the total number of arrests in flagrante and reports made to the Police or PDI ( Investigation Police).

But according to the 2016 National Urban Citizen Security Survey (ENUSC),


of citizens

perceive an

increase in delinquency

So, what is happening?

Although crime figures have fallen in the last three years, the perception of insecurity in the citizens has increased. In the same vein, different surveys show that crime is the problem to which the Government should devote its greatest efforts.

To understand these numbers, the phenomenon of incivilities is key. According to the National Public Security and Violence and Crime Prevention Plan, Security for All, created published in 2014 by the Government of President Bachelet, incivilities are the visible disorders in the public setting.

What do we call incivilities?

These are differentiated, in that sense, from crime that tries to be invisible. But whether these are crimes or not, they tend to not be covered by the criminal control system.

Incivilities affect the neighbor's quality of life and impact their perception of the environment and their behavior in regard to the public space; because of this, it is essential to work in reducing these.


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Why did the Ministry for the Interior and Public Security decide to work with the Government Laboratory?

The Ministry for the Interior and Public Security saw, in the Government Laboratory's Impacta projectcall for ideas, a unique opportunity to connect with ideas that come from citizens and the entrepreneurial world and a chance of being able to face complex, long-lasting and priority issues for the country.

Holding Impacta Seguridad as the third version of the Impacta projects, is a way of connecting the Ministry for the Interior and Public Security with new ideas and with a new logic when thinking about public policy related to citizen security.

Through Impacta Seguridad, the Ministry for the Interior and Public Security is opening up to ideas that, without this contest, would have found it very hard to become part of public policy.